5K Video tests for our 3rd rig on RAHANA

I’ve been practicing using the 5K video on my Lumix S1 which is the third rig for RAHANA – This will be an in-between rig which will be used with the Sigma fp and Panasonic GH5S.

Evenings and weekends are being spent preparing for online rehearsals and testing equipment for the RAHANA filming which will take place on weekends as soon as we find a boardroom (For the office seduction scene) and an apartment (For the BirdMan V Sanju battle scene).  I am spending time now storyboarding the apartment fight terror scene.

I am a big fan of 80s movies, the brat-pack era and movies such as VAMP, Young Guns, ALIENS, ET, and Jaws.  I am using lenses which will allow me to recreate the colourful look and feel of that era, which is what I have been doing in RAHANA.



HELIOS-44M-7 58mm F2

These are fantastic lenses featured in this 5K video test and I will be using them for my 80s inspired horror/thriller feature RAHANA.

The video also features Hansika playing the Tibetan singing bowls.