RAHANA to continue filming in July 2020

The RAHANA TWISTED KNIFE ULTIMATE INTENSE TRAILER is our most epic trailer so far, it shows scale and the epic nature of the movie without giving too much away.  From the scary forest hide-and-seek scenes, to the romantic drama and epic crowds in the city and to the shootouts and motorbike scenes later.

Filming on RAHANA is due to continue in July 2020 when the Lockdown eases down somewhat.  In the meantime Suchet has been working on CODEY an audio series which is in the same shared universe as RAHANA, CODENAME VASQUEZ and THE SENSEI.

Click the image below if you want to see the video on YouTube.

Rahana the movie poster - Featuring a young guy looking cool and about to take his shades off in front of a crowd of people and a glamorous building in Trafalgar Square