Robots and Ai in CODEY

Jake the Robot CODEY EPISODE 2 poster

Currently in production is CODEY EPISODE 2: THE BRIDGE – Robots and Ai play a big part in CODEY.  A1ice/Alice (Played by Pagan Hollis) is one of the lead characters and one of the emotional cores of the story.  Navdeep Monga plays the role of Jake the Robot, who has one of the most tension-filled fun scenes in Episode 2.

While writing the characters of Alice and Jake, I was obviously inspired by previous incarnations of droids on screen (C3PO, T800, HAL etc) and also inspired by stuff like Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz.  Aiming to make these characters as fun and loving as possible, they house multiple quantum powered CPUs aswell as unimaginable processing power which allows them to have feelings and even self-thought.  The machines in CODEY in some cases are more human than their human masters and will later on bring up the subjects of prejudice, slavery and even bullying at work.