Neharika Shahi stars in RAHANA 1984

RAHANA 1984 is the short 15 minute movie prequel to the feature length RAHANA movie we are currently filming.  We began filming RAHANA 1984 in January 2019, on a 3 day filming schedule, during a short break from the filming of the full feature length RAHANA movie. RAHANA 1984 isContinue Reading

A collage of images first image is of Jimmy Elizaga in the role of Padre Emilio and the second image is of one of the Lumix S1 camera rig with Atomos Ninja V and Lunchbox SSD. 3rd image in the collage is of the SIGMA fp camera rig with a 4omm Canon lens attached using an electronic fusion adapter,

We have been busy filming over the past few weeks in London and the Midlands.  One exciting shoot had us in St Paul’s Cathedral for the terrifying Birdman sequences.  We have also already completed two shoots in the apartment set. Im also working with three different camera rigs due toContinue Reading

Rahana has been filming in Birmingham and London since the lockdown ended and it’s going very well – we have been on 3 shoots already and are set to complete production in 2022.  Here are VLOG12 and VLOG13 to show you our adventures on set.Continue Reading

Panasonic Lumix S1 camera with a manual focus Vivitar 28mm F2.8 Canon FD lens.

I’ve been practicing using the 5K video on my Lumix S1 which is the third rig for RAHANA – This will be an in-between rig which will be used with the Sigma fp and Panasonic GH5S. Evenings and weekends are being spent preparing for online rehearsals and testing equipment forContinue Reading