RAHANA filming to restart in September 2020


Intense scene planning in progress, which includes storyboarding and planning character actions and camera angles for the first scenes where Manohar (Shaid Parvaz) meets his long-lost best-friend Sanju (Fraz Awan) at London’s Trafalgar Square.   Due to current lockdown, I’m conscious of the time it would take to do these scenes if we just go out with little planning if we rely solely on improvisation and just the script.  So I have visualized the main character actions as i don’t want to go out to London and be pausing so much.  However, we will have some improvisation as having the actors be natural in a scene can lead to a perfect take and a beautiful scene x

The school uniform costumes are only in the storyboards – This is not how the characters will be dressed – So the costume discussion will take place soon also.

Scene plan for RAHANA created by Suchet Budon