Fictional Timeline setting of all movies by Suchet Budon

CODEY, RAHANA and CODENAME VASQUEZ share characters, some that crossover into each story.  There is a general theme running through the movies of ‘Creation’ or ‘Fathering’and ‘Love’ and ‘Caring’.

So even though some of them may seem very science fiction, they have a romantic emotional thread running through them;

RAHANA 1984 is more a thriller basing a fictional story into factual historical settings and the science fiction doesn’t come until the climax.

RAHANA is more haunted house/horror/suspense and there is no science fiction story in it other than the fictional setting of some technological advances that have come sooner to 2005 rather than in 2020 etc etc

THE SENSEI is a martial arts revenge suspense action movie with some science fiction elements.

CODENAME VASQUEZ is a pure science fiction horror zombie movie.

CODEY is an audio drama which is science fiction with some basis in fact from COVID-19 lockdown that has inspired the story.