Action packed montage featuring a romantic image of a beautiful Asian girl at Trafalgar Square running up the stairs, and an action image of a hero on a motorbike and an image of a guy fallen against a hill with leaves blowing on him....

Suchet has a BA Honours in Animation and is the winner of Best Sound on a Movie Award 2005 at the Degree Show Exhibition for Animation Students at the University of Wolverhampton.   The award was for his movie DHYANA which was a short art movie depicting a Buddhist monk and a Sikh monk, near the Himalayan China India border, during the conflict in 1962.  This award led to him working with BBC DJ SONNYJI where Suchet was hired to do filming and photography on a semi-fictional documentary drama.

You can see some examples of Suchet’s work in the YouTube videos on this page and can contact him through his social media pages.

Digital storyboads and scene plan by Suchet Budon

Detailed fight scene choreography from CODENAME VASQUEZ by Suchet Budon