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Suchet · CODEY EPISODE 2 THE BRIDGE WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY SUCHET BUDON Currently in production is CODEY EPISODE 2: THE BRIDGE – Robots and Ai play a big part in CODEY.  A1ice/Alice (Played by Pagan Hollis) is one of the lead characters and one of the emotional cores ofContinue Reading

RAHANA Movie poster

One of the fun things for me is to create action and suspense sequences and part of that immense fun is doing fight scenes.  Jackie Chan is one of my idols, I consider him to be one of the greatest filmmakers and an unmatchable artist performer that is on anContinue Reading

Suchet can do dramatic voice-over work for entertainment and advertising.  As well as sound design, music, and soundtrack composition work for movies, games, and presentations.  Having audio drama production and dramatic arts experience.  He has managed a sound design project team and crew for an audio drama production.  Tasks rangingContinue Reading

Suchet creates Video, Sound, and Graphics to the requirements of what you need, whether it be product photography, an interview, a presentation, a property view, or even a car chase, an action sequence, or a promotional video…   You can take a look at his video work on this website. BrandsContinue Reading

Suchet copywrites and edits articles for brands and services.  He can work autonomously and work as part of an agile workflow with user researchers and user experience designers.  His experience in this area of content creation ranges from creating articles and short-form text to full-blown brochures and government websites, asContinue Reading