CODEY EPISODE 3: THE ISLAND in Production now

Big building which reaches up into the clouds

We started production on CODEY EPISODE 3: THE ISLAND last night.  This one is set mainly on the fictional Mount Jeffersons Island and involves fun, darkly comical drama, and suspense.  Many of the characters meet at a blow-out which also adds to the fun element.

The script for Episode 3 is 30 pages long, a far cry from the 15 pages I have been targeting for each episode, it’s going to be 30 minutes plus in length, the longest so far in the series.

If you haven’t experienced CODEY yet, it is a story about a young American executive who breaks out of lockdown to go searching for his missing girlfriend.  You can still catch up with CODEY Episode 1: THE ROAD and CODEY Episode 2: THE BRIDGE