Immune Boosting Smoothie… The story of a smoothie… Sigma fp rig testing movie

Did a fun test of the SIGMA fp with its 45mm F2.8 prime lens.  Immune Boosting Smoothie…  The story of a smoothie…

Because we have more time at home in the evenings and weekends, I can plan filming which will be sometime in March 2021 now.  I did a filming test of one of my new SIGMA fp rig with a 45mm F2.8 lens.

For the style of the music composition and also the look of the movie I went for a 1980s feel.   I filmed it in the Teal and Orange mode on Sigma fp, I additionally graded it in Davinci Resolve where I heightened the colours a bit and also increased the highlights, to give it that slightly VHS/80s film look.

The styling of the way the credits and text information appears is also more in line with some of the stuff I saw from that period.

In terms of the movie itself, I wanted to simply show the smoothie being made clearly, rather than have someone talk and instruct you on how to make it, as it is a pretty obvious process.

And that’s the movie below.  Immune Boosting Smoothie… The story of a smoothie by Suchet Budon