Rahana storyboard by Suchet Budon

I have been working on preparing script and storyboard for when we continue filming RAHANA in April 2021. This is a small segment portraying part of the tense office scenes which involves the protagonist signing a book deal to publish his thriller novel.  You can also skip this article andContinue Reading

CODEY EPISODE 4 Teaser poster

I have completed the script for EPISODE 4 of CODEY – The story takes place on a high-tech train with some unexpected twists, and it turns itself on its head in this episode.  It adds the claustrophobic elements I want for a zombie suspense thriller with deep human drama andContinue Reading

Film director Suchet Budon with cine rig

This is the second rig I have built to be used for filming on RAHANA – It’s using a Sigma fp camera with a Portkeys LEYE EVF, a Samsung 2TB SSD drive and an Aukey USB battery to power the EVF; and it’s all held together with a customized SmallRigContinue Reading